Official first announcement: Certego News

IntelOwl was designed with the intent to help the community, in particular those researchers that can not afford commercial solutions, in the generation of threat intelligence data, in a simple, scalable and reliable way.

Main features:

  • modern Django-Python application: easy to understand and write code upon it

  • it can get data from multiple sources with a single API request

  • more than 150 available analyzers that you can use to generate or retrieve data about a suspicious file or observable (IP, domain, …)

  • built-in Web Interface, written in React, provides features such as dashboard, visualizations of analysis data, easy to use forms for requesting new analysis and more.

  • official library and CLI client available on GitHub: PyIntelOwl

  • built-in support for integration with other SIEM/SOAR projects using connectors, specifically aimed at Threat Sharing Platforms.

  • easily integrable with other tools thanks to the REST API framework and to the PyIntelOwl library.

  • easily and completely customizable, both the APIs and the analyzers

  • compatibility with some of the AWS services. More in the future.

  • fast and reliable deploy: clone the project, set up the configuration and then you are ready to run it via docker-compose

Feel free to ask everything it comes to your mind about the project to the author: Matteo Lodi (Twitter).

We also have a dedicated twitter account for the project: @intel_owl.